24~ So basically… enjoy LIFE!

5 Mar

I came across this really cool infographic that guides us to have a longer and more fulfilled life. In just a few words, basically what it is saying is to enjoy life! Simple right? No! We think that we have to think about every decision and every action when really we need to be spontaneous and do things outside the box.

I’ve spent a lot of time being boring and lame and it wasn’t until just recently that I started to LIVE and breath easy. I was always worried about what others would think about me and the negative consequences that would come of the situation but I never thought about the positive and the upside to the situation. I’ve had a prosperous and fulfilled life but not as fulfilled as I wanted. So, I’ve been taking everyday one step at a time to smile more, count my blessings, and take it all in.

So, Followers, I will leave you with this…

Enjoy life! Eat that chocolate. Take that shot. Go on that trip. Hug that stranger and last but not least, LIVE!

xoxo Teeona Wilson



One Response to “24~ So basically… enjoy LIFE!”

  1. nghiacoi March 5, 2012 at 6:45 am #

    thanks for sharing !
    great !!!

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