25~ Drumroll please…. Website Link!

5 Mar

Okay everyone, I made it to the last post… of J456 Creative Strategists. I’ll continue to blog always because I do have a lot to say and I know you will be patiently waiting for them. Stay tuned! Until then…. Here is the LINK to my Website.


24~ So basically… enjoy LIFE!

5 Mar

I came across this really cool infographic that guides us to have a longer and more fulfilled life. In just a few words, basically what it is saying is to enjoy life! Simple right? No! We think that we have to think about every decision and every action when really we need to be spontaneous and do things outside the box.

I’ve spent a lot of time being boring and lame and it wasn’t until just recently that I started to LIVE and breath easy. I was always worried about what others would think about me and the negative consequences that would come of the situation but I never thought about the positive and the upside to the situation. I’ve had a prosperous and fulfilled life but not as fulfilled as I wanted. So, I’ve been taking everyday one step at a time to smile more, count my blessings, and take it all in.

So, Followers, I will leave you with this…

Enjoy life! Eat that chocolate. Take that shot. Go on that trip. Hug that stranger and last but not least, LIVE!

xoxo Teeona Wilson


23~ Viral videos

4 Mar

Here are the latest top 5 viral videos according to AdAge.

My favorite is the Liquid Plumr commercial. “Million Moms” protested the video because of the sexy innuendos and the provocative nature of the content. I, however, think it was super funny because of the lady at the end when she took lots of the liquid plumr in the aisle.

I’m not normally one to go for sexual explicit videos and ads but in this case, I thought I’d make an exception.

22~ Fashion Alert! xoxo Pinterest

4 Mar

I don’t know about you all but ever since Pinterest surfaced and became more and more popular, I’ve been spending money like crazzzzy. Why? Because I have developed a new love for Fashion and cooking/ baking. I’ve pinned multiple fashion ideas onto my ‘shwag’ board and me being the girlie girl that I am I turn that board into a reality and proceed to the department store to buy the clothes and shoes. What is it about clothes that fascinates me? I’ve recently developed a new love for heels. I started using Shoedazzle and I’ve become a “heel whore”. Does this not look like a candy store for kids? Except with heels?

You can have them for the low price of $39.95. Kim K. Look what you’ve done to me!

Anywho, I like to play dress up. I like to look good for no reason at all but to be able to look into the mirror and say, “wow I look good.” You can make such a statement with your wardrobe.

Business Chic.

Flirty and Fun in the sun.

Just taking a stroll in Manhattan. Sex and the City style!

I like to go out and have a good time!

Just because you can. I just bought some pink skinny jeans from American Eagle and I’m so excited to dress them up! I love fashion and I think it’s really cool that people are able to post so many cool outfits and cool color combinations for people like me who don’t normally think to put a camel color and a mint color combo together. I use Pinterest for many things, how do you Pinterest? You should also check out Lauren Conrad’s book, Style for tips on how to create your own unique look. She also shares her favorite sources of inspiration and the absolute must-haves for any fashionista’s wardrobe.

21~ Blue Ivy Carter

2 Mar

Who would have thought that Beyonce would post pictures when she did? I’m sure her fans aren’t mad about it because Blue Ivy Carter is an absolute DOLL!

I was reading online and it says that Beyonce was caught breastfeeding Baby Carter in public. One might say this is gross, others may praise her for taking a stand against the campaign against public breastfeeding. What is the difference between this and feeding your baby with a bottle? I’m sure you aren’t exposing your nipple for the world to see, the baby companies have down their job in creating blankets and protective wear so that you are not exposing anything.

In USA Today a Doctor tells ABC news, “By bringing breastfeeing into the mainstream, Beyonce can help break down barriers,”

More mothers will feel comfortable breastfeeding in public and more mothers will participate in this healthy act since it is not common amongst a lot of women. “Black women in the United States breastfeed their babies atlower rates than other women do — missing out on potential health benefits for themselves and their babies.” (USA Today)

I commend Beyonce for doing this. It’s natural and it’s not harming anyone. More women should consider breastfeeding and not feeling ‘inappropriate’ about doing so.

What do you think?

20~ Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

2 Mar

This movie looks like it’s going to be phenomenal because it’s based on the book by Steve Harvey: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.

I read this book at the beginning of the school year last year and it seriously put a couple of things into perspective. Trying to understand guys is a hard thing to do and then to be in a relationship with them is a full-time job. Not saying that I needed a book to guide my relationships but it was an interesting read. This book is definitely about the mind games and learning to play the game so I don’t know how useful it’d be if you’re trying to be in a serious relationship. I definitely don’t recommend doing some of the things in this book but for the players… go ahead!

This movie is also going to be interesting because of the cast! This cast looks amazing, beautiful talented African-American actors and actresses is what I love to see and all in one movie too! The synopsis from IMDb says, “Four friends conspire to turn the tables on their women when they discover the ladies have been using Steve Harvey’s relationship advice against them.” Does that not sound like an awesome movie to you?

April 20, 2012 hurry please!

19~ Cake Pops: Courtesy of Pinterest

2 Mar

Cake Pops have sparked a new taste bud in the mouths of everyone around the Nation.

They are becoming the new “it” treat and it’s no surprise that this little delicacy is paving its way into many of our stores and bakeries. They swept not only the Internet but also our stomachs like a tidal wave over the past couple of years. Special thanks to the inspirational Bakerella and all the other bakers who thought of such a fun idea.

Cake pops can be served for any occasion and regardless of whether you are a junk-food eater or a person with a sweet tooth, you will not be able to resist these cake pops! There are many different flavors of cake pops…

Red Velvet:


You can tailor them for any occasion such as a wedding or bridal shower, a baby shower or even a special holiday! Weddings:

Or even a babyshower:

Cake Pops have also been a nice substition for the traditional wedding cake. Who would have thought that cake pops could make the perfect wedding cake? The possibilities with this treat are endless. Whatever the case may be, Cake Pops are in! Be sure to look up special recipes for your favorite flavors of cake pops, try making them for your bridal shower or serving them at your wedding reception, they will be a hit so don’t be shy on the amount you make.

What’s your flavor Cake Pop? I made some with my friend and even though they didn’t come out as pretty as the pics above, they tasted soooooo good!